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Everything is mixed up with everything else. Separation is an illusion. Duality and Nonduality are constructs of the mind that illustrate the ineffectiveness of language in capturing the essential Unity that is the source of all.

These works attempt to move beyond words. They are nudes and portraits that explore the illusory duality of the world... the body as a sensuous window into alternate realities. Projected images meld with the curve of flesh to confound preconceptions: what is Figure, what is Ground? You can't have One without the Other.

All these photographs originated on 35mm film. The double images were created entirely in the camera, without digital or darkroom manipulation.

My New Orleans

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Created 19-Jul-13
Modified 19-Jul-13
My New Orleans


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Created 22-Jul-13
Modified 22-Jul-13

Strange Dreams

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Created 24-Jul-13
Modified 24-Jul-13
Strange Dreams